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Welcome Indiana JCI Senators to the 2015-2016 year!  

Welcome to the Indiana Senate!  I am Linda Andrews #71434 and will be serving as your President this next year.  I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to you.  I am not originally from Indiana, but moved here 19 years ago.  At that time Mike and I were still Jaycees and the first friends i made were people I met through the Jaycees.  As time went on, Mike was awarded a Senatorship and we continued the friendships made throught the Jaycees.  Since I had moved to Indiana, and not received a Senatorship from my home chapter, I never though that honor would be bestowed on me.  Little did I know, but the friends I had made in Indiana would see fit to honor me with a Senatorship.  I always said that if I didn't receive my Senatorship from my home chapter, then I didn't want one.  What I didn't realize was that being honored by the Indiana Senate makes my Senatorship mean even more to me.

Since I have been involved with the Indiana Senate I have always said I had no interest in being President.  I would have  been happy being "Treasurer for life", but Mike messed that up for me by being President last year!  I have been telling everyone that my theme this year is going to be "They made me do it!"  Being President of this organization is not an Office that I sought out, but it is one that I take seriously.

We are going to continue working on communication with all our members.  We will have four newsletters throughout the year to inform you of what is happening, as well as monthy e-blasts with current information.  If you know of anyone that is an Indiana Senator who either is not receiving any communications from us, or is currently not a member of the Indiana Senate, please contact one of this year's Board Members with their information so we can contact them.  We will also be holding three meetings this year with our August meeting in Portage, IN (the northern part of the state), January our meeting will once again be a joint meeting with the Kentucky Senate hosted by Kentucky (the southern part of the state) and our year-end/elections meeting will be in Indianapolis (the central part of the state).  Hopefully, at least one of these meetings will be convenient for each of you.

Last year was a tough year.  We lost some great people.  I didn't personally know every one of them, but the ones I did know, touched my heart.  Because of this, my theme this year is "Enjoy the Ride!"  Life is short and none of us know how many days we have on this earth.  I for one plan on enjoying this journey called life.  I am amazed at the number of friends I have made through this organization, many of whom I consider family.  As Mike and I continue to travel the state, region and country this coming year, I hope to see many of you as we "Enjoy the Ride!"

Linda Andrews #71434
2015-2016 Indiana JCI Senate President

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