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Welcome Indiana JCI Senators to the 2013-2014 year!  

I am Tracy Brown #54773 and will be your state president again this year (I know, crazy huh?) and I am looking forward to hopefully meeting more of you in person this year, as one of our goals is to get more of our IN JCI Senators to join our state organization and come to at least one of our events this year. 

Why am I doing this again, you might ask? I have always said that the only reason I would hold the office of President again is if we were in need and I could train some new members and/or officers to be able to fill those offices in the future. Well if you check out the Officers section of this website, you will see that in fact that is the case this year. 
Mike Andrews #58312 has taken on the office of Vice President. Linda Andrews #71434 was elected to the office of Treasurer and Tracie Pouch #72126 was elected as Secretary. Yes, we do have some of the same people in the appointment positions, but we are hoping to get some of them to also step forward into more leadership roles in the future. 
What are we going to focus on this year? Obviously to get more senators activated within the organization, but how are we going to do that? 
Keeping you Informed
There will be 4 quarterly newsletters this year as well as monthly E-Blasts from Webmaster Reese to keep you up to date and informed of what is going on. Even those that do not have email, will get a hard copy of the newsletter quarterly. 
Making Contact with Senators
We plan on doing at least 1 mailing of the newsletter with the 45th Anniversary registration form to all senators in the state of Indiana that we can find and ask them to renew their membership, join for the first time or attend one senate event. 
We are also looking at scheduling a few events around the state so that some of the senators and old Jaycees can come out locally to a “Senator/Jaycee Reunion” and get to see some old friends that they haven’t seen in a few years, let them know what the Senate is doing now and hopefully encourage them to join our organization.
Adding New Senators
We are also looking to give away at  least one Senatorship to someone who deserved to receive one back in their Jaycee days, but because their chapter folded, was never given that opportunity. So we want to put a committee together, where nominations can be submitted to and then decided upon which one would be sent into JCI. More information will follow.
Meetings Planned in Advance
June 29th Board Retreat – This will be a training for board members, but all members of the IN JCI Senate are welcome to attend to find out what we are planning for the year. It is being held at my home in Lanesville IN. You can find the registration form on this website under Events.
October 18-20th - IN/MI/OH Border Bash – This annual event is being hosted by the Indiana JCI Senate this year at the LaQuinta Inn in Auburn IN. We will be having an IN JCI Senate business meeting at this event on that Saturday along with hospitality on Friday evening and Saturday. Registration form on website under Events.
January   2014 - IN/KY Joint Meeting – This event was so successful last year, that we are going to do it again, but this time it will be held over the river in Louisville KY hosted by the KY Senate. We will be having an IN JCI Senate business meeting at this event. Registration form on website under Events.
April 18-20th, 2014 - 45th Anniversary of the IN JCI Senate – This will be the premier event for our organization at the Radisson Hotel in Indianapolis IN. We had about 100 people at our anniversary celebration 5 years ago and we hope to reach that goal or exceed it. There will be an IN JCI Senate business meeting and elections held at this event as well. Registration form on website under Events.
I am looking forward to a very successful year again for the Indiana JCI Senate!
Tracy Brown #54773

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